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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Payroll tax due dates 2022

Instructions and Help about Payroll tax due dates 2022

Hi my name is Becca Smith and I'm the director of marketing for Smith and Smith CPA this is a brief update about some upcoming tax deadlines if you own a business corporation or a partnership and you filed an extension earlier this year please note that that tax return needs to be completed by sep tember 15 however September 15th falls on a Saturday this year so the deadline rolls to Monday September 17th if you are an individual who fall for an extension for your personal return that deadline day is now monday October 15 if you have any questions about your return or what you need to do please call us at 9 19 3 800 600 or email to info at smith and smith cpa com please give us your information as soon as possible that way everything can be completed in a timely manner thank you.


How can I fill out the income tax return of the year 2016-17 in 2018?
There is no option to file online return but you can prepare an offline return and went to the officer of your jurisdiction income tax commissioner and after his permission you can file the return with his office.
Is it possible to fill the ITR for FY 2018-2022 and because the due date is over?
Hi,The income tax return filing has just begun for FY 2018u201319 or AY 2019u201320. Hence, you can file your return by July 31, 2022 to avoid any trouble. Just make sure that you have paid all your income tax dues to avoid paying interest under section 234A, section 234B and section 234C.You can also get your return prepared and filled by an income tax filing service provider like H&R Block.
What are the due dates of filling Tds and service tax returns along with its payments?
Due dates for filing TDS returns are as followsThe following penalties are applicable if you havenu2019t filed TDS by the due date:Late filing fee (if you do not file by the due date) - You have to pay Rs.200 per day until your return is filedInterest (if you do not deposit the TDS amount in time)- In case of late deposit of TDS amount, interest will have to be paid at 1.5% per month from the date at which TDS was deducted to the actual date of deposit. Also note that the amount is to be paid from the date at which TDS was deducted, NOT from the date at which TDS was due.Penalty (if TDS is not filed within one year of the due date)- Penalty ranging between Rs.10000 to Rs.100000 will be charged if you fail to submit TDS return within a year of the due date or if you have submitted incorrect details (such as PAN, Challan, TDS amount) in the statement filed. If you need professional guidance with your return filing then visit https://www.financialhospital.in... and drop in your details and we'll get in touch with you!
How can the original income tax return for AY 17-18 be filled after the due date is revised?
There was an amendment in the budget which now allows you to file revised returns even after they are filed after due date. The said amendment is effective from AY 17u201318.CA. Bhavesh Savlawww.cabks.in
What is the last date to fill out the ICAR 2022 exam form?
Hii,The last date to fill out the ICAR 2022 exam form is in May 2022. Specific date is not yet released by the officials. But if you want to apply for the entrance exam then you can apply for it as soon as possible.Click here: ICAR application formYou can also fill your respective application form by visiting the official website.Or else you can click on the above mentioned link and get it filled easily.The application fee for the form is mentioned in the below attached picture.
What was the due date to avoid Section 234F in the case of tax audit for AY 2018-19?
The due date to avoid Section 234F in the case of tax audit for AY 2018-19?The original Due Date for filing of Return for the above case was September 30, 2022. BUT Due date further extended to 31/10/2022 vide notification no. F.NO.225/358/2018/ITA.II DT. 08.10.2018
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